A selection of assignments and collaborations:

Noisia & NNO


Live registration @ Vera Groningen.

Rita Zipora


EP1 and EP2

Quibus - Save Some (feat GOSTO) (Official Video)


EP "Save Some"

Anbasja Blanken

Music Production

Graduation show "Future Generation" Leeuwarden 2009, winner of the jury & people’s choice award for best collection and presentation of the year

RHO The Undefined Journey

Music and sound design

Game Minor project ArtEZ Mediamusic Winner of Indievelopment Award 2013

Krischan de Beer (Krischan de - Michel Geurts (

Music Production - Sound Design

Mystiek Theater - beleef de wereld van mystiek 2013

Local Androids

Collaboration with NNENN / Music Production

NNENN - Don't Feel Guilty Love 2016||| NEFFA Dynamic skin 2016

Sarah Jane - Letter to the Moon


Letter to the Moon 2015


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